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A Rainbow After a Storm.

When you are under the constant threat of lawsuits and garnishments from creditors…

When phone calls keep coming in every day and you know you will never conquer your bills..

When interest keeps falling in, higher and higher, mounting up your debt…

You feel stressed. You feel hopeless. You feel lost.

That’s when the Bankruptcy laws can come in and lifts you up out of the storm….

A wise client of mine recently told me that after working at a hospital, she learned that stress kills. The danger of stress is unknown to most of us, but is all too real. She has seen it happen. And the body and brain does not know how to deal with stress effectively.

But all stress is the fear of the unknown.

Bankruptcy is a tool to stop stress, because you will no longer fear the unknown of what the creditors will do. If they will try to sue in you in court, garnish your paycheck, or put a lien on your property. You know after you receive your discharge that they can no longer try to do these things to you, that you are free from the burdens your debt has caused on you.

What I love about practicing bankruptcy is that I can take an extremely stressful situation and

stop that stress immediately. My clients come out of the case thankful, relieved, happy.

They see that their Discharge of their debts as the rainbow after the storm.

A promise that they start clean and create a brand new way of life.

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