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Social Security Disability Appeals & Hearings (SSI & SSDI)

The Social Security Administration denies up to 70% of all initial social security disability benefits claims.  After a Request for Reconsideration, Social Security will still deny most disability claims.


The odds of being approved increase considerably if you persist and set up a hearing with an administrative law judge, while represented by an attorney.  Of those represented by an attorney, most are approved for social security disability benefits.


Selecting the Right Attorney


The success of a social security disability claim, hinges greatly upon the medical history of a client. That said, claimants with legitimate disability claims are often denied, simply because the legitimacy of their disability is not proven to the Social Security Administration.  As your attorney, I will help you:


  • Procure medical records from your doctor.

  • Review any prior decisions made pertaining to your claim.

  • Prepare the file for your hearing; ensure all documents and procedures required by the Social Security Administration are in order.

  • Prepare you and your witnesses for your hearing.

  • Seek the full benefits which you are entitled.

  • Effectively present your case on you behalf at your Social Security Hearing.

  • If necessary, file an appeal on your behalf.



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